How to Fix Your Finances

Not having enough money and being in debt is the worst! When you don’t have the money you need accomplishing even little things can be difficult and frustrating. The good news is, you can make changes that can get you out of your bad financial situation.  If you are living pay check to pay check or direct deposit to direct deposit there are things you should definitely be doing to fix your finances. 6 Ways to Fix Your Finances By changing your financial habits you can fix your finances. Here are 6 things you can do now to fix your finances and start living aRead More →

The Best Personal Finance Tools and Resources to Manage Your Finances

Managing your personal finances might sound like a monumental task. With proper planning and the right tools, anyone can manage their personal finances successfully. There are amazing tools that you can use to manage your personal finances in 2019 that can make you feel like a personal financial management pro. Personal Finance Tools & Resources Financial literacy is important to your financial health. Finance tools and resources are available to help you become financially literate. Today there is so much software you can use – from QuickBooks to your own bank’s online software. There are even awesome tools available for those who like to useRead More →

Ways for Women to Save Money | Learn 50 ways you can save money and secure your financial future

Let’s face it… it’s expensive being a woman. Just buying basic necessities can get expensive. And that’s just the basic stuff. With all of the expenses that we have, it’s often hard to find money left over to save. Fortunately, there are lots of ways that women can cut living costs and save money. Here are 50 ways for women to save money in 2019. Why Should Women Save Money? According to a survey conducted for GOBankingRates, 56% of American women are living paycheck to paycheck. In order to truly have financial security you need to have money saved. Most experts recommend that you haveRead More →

Financial Habits of Successful Women

We all have certain financial habits. Some are good and others are just plain bad. When you make the decision to focus on your financial health, you have to take a good look at your financial habits. This focus allows you to eliminate bad habits and consciously adopt new financial habits that will help you increase your wealth. Financial Habits of Successful Woman When you study the financial habits of successful women you will find a lot of similarities. Here are 7 financial habits that you should adopt in 2019 to help you stop wasting money and find success on your financial journey. #1 HaveRead More →

Ways to Save Money For Christmas

The Christmas season can be a very stressful holiday both emotionally and financially.  Christmas parties, dinners, and gifts can wreak havoc on any budget. As with most things, planning is the key to financially surviving Christmas.  You can reduce the financial stress of the Christmas holiday season and save your budget by following these 5 simple tips. 5 Ways to Financially Survive Christmas #1 – Make a Christmas Budget The first step to saving money for Christmas is to determine how much you need to save.  Start by getting a good understanding of the amount you want to spend on Christmas related items. Create aRead More →

why you need a household budget

We work hard to earn a living. We should make sure we spend the money we bring home wisely. That’s where a household budget comes in. It’s a good tool to see at a glance what we have coming in, what’s going out (and what that money is paying for) and if there’s anything left at the end of the month to put into savings. Before we dive into exactly what a budget can do for us, let’s consider for a minute what will happen if we’re not tracking income and expenses. We may end up spending more than we’re making in a given monthRead More →