short term investments

Normally when you think of investing you think of long term savings goals like retirement. But you can also use short term investments to reach short term savings goals as well. Some examples of short term savings goals might be saving for the down payment on a house, or saving for a dream vacation. Any savings goal that you needs to reach in less than 5 years could be considered a short term savings goal. As women, we sometimes have a fear of investing. We have been brought up to rely on traditional saving to reach our goals. There is nothing wrong with saving money.Read More →

Investing: Why Women Should Not Just Save

Women save and men invest. Did you know that this is how women are seen in the financial sector? Women are known to put money aside and save it instead of trying to grow their money via investing. We are sometimes overly cautious. Therefore, saving money is a safe way to maintain our financial health. Our first step towards growing our finances is to change our mindset. To reach the next level of financial growth we must move past just saving and start investing. 4 Benefits of Investing There are many benefits to investing however this still doesn’t stop it from being hard to getRead More →

Top 5 Ways For Women to Start Investing

Just thinking about investing can sound overwhelming and complicated. Studies have shown that women are less likely to invest than men. According to Merrill Lynch, 41% of women say their biggest financial regret is not investing more. What’s holding us back? As with most things, fear is the number one thing holding women back from investing. It’s time to change the narrative. How to Start Investing Starting on the journey of investing can be easy. You may have already started and not even know it. Here are the top 5 ways for women to start investing. Related Post: Investing: Why Women Need to Stop JustRead More →