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Best Online Savings Accounts with No Fees and No Minimum Balances

5 Best Online Savings Accounts 2020 – No Fees/Min Balance

Online savings accounts can provide a great way to get a higher return on your savings. Although the infamous 12% interest savings account is a myth. There are a number of very good high interest savings accounts that have no monthly fee and no minimum balance. Saving money and investing are the top ways to build your financial health. Once you decide to start saving money, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is where to store your savings. In this post, we will explore some of the best online savings accounts of 2020. Top 5 High Yield Online Savings Accounts With a

Financial Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid

6 Financial Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid

Looking to take care of yourself and your family by successfully managing your personal finances? Avoiding the common financial mistakes that can reak havoc in your bank account is key to achieving that goal. It is becoming increasingly important that women learn to manage their personal finances. 80 percent of single-parent families are headed by single mothers. This means that women are becoming the sole providers in their households. Women also have a higher life expectancy than men. On average we live five years longer than men. According to the CDC, on average, men will live to age 76 and women to age 81. Making

I Need Money Desperately

I Need Money Desperately – 10 Ways to Make Money When You Need it Now

It is perfectly normal to hit a rough patch in your life where you desperately need money. Life happens fast and sometimes you are left in a bind. There are a wide variety of ways to make extra money. Unfortunately, many of these ways require you to wait before you receive your cash. This list is crafted specifically for you if you need money the same day to one week. These methods won’t bring tons of cash, but they will allow you to make a little extra money when you need it. 10 Ways to Earn Money Fast The following list contains 10 ways you can

short term investments

4 Best Short Term Investments for Reaching Your Savings Goals

Normally when you think of investing you think of long term savings goals like retirement. But you can also use short term investments to reach short term savings goals as well. Some examples of short term savings goals might be saving for the down payment on a house, or saving for a dream vacation. Any savings goal that you needs to reach in less than 5 years could be considered a short term savings goal. As women, we sometimes have a fear of investing. We have been brought up to rely on traditional saving to reach our goals. There is nothing wrong with saving money.